The First Look

Your FIRST LOOK pros and cons.

Have you ever considered having a first look BEFORE your wedding ceremony?
WHAT??? I hear you say…………..what’s this all about……..what’s a first look????
Believe me, I’ve heard these words many times now..…

A FIRST LOOK refers to a private and intimate planned moment before the wedding ceremony where you (the couple) sees each other for the first time, usually all glammed up and looking hot in your wedding day outfits.
It’s a special and intimate opportunity for you to share your emotions and reactions in a more personal setting, often captured by a photographer and perhaps your videographer.

To have (and to hold) a first look:
• A first look will allow you to share an intimate and private moment before your wedding ceremony.
• You can say and do what you like with (or to) each other, kiss, hug and fully immerse yourselves in the moment.
• If you’re the nervous type connecting with each other prior to your ceremony may calm those pesky nerves before the whirlwind hits.
• You’ll get more time enjoying each other on your special day without all those eyes upon you………less pressure!
• Think about exchanging your vows/promises at your first look, because for whatever reason you don’t want to publicly share your words.
• Use this time to compose yourselves before taking that big walk down the aisle in front of EVERYONE!
• You could choose a special and meaningful location which couldn’t be used for your love party!
• Because you basically want to buck the old fashioned ways!
• Covering off on some of your images before the ceremony would leave more time for family photos.
• Different lighting at different times of the day for some of your image could be an awesome addition to your photo gallery.
• Have FOMO?……..Just think……………no wandering off for a couple of hours for photos, you could be a part of your love party earlier! You can start cocktail hour with EVERYONE!
• Love clothes…………well here’s one for you and maybe a bit of a spanner in the works (or your budget), you could both purchase second outfits as a surprise if you’ve had a first look and are then going to make an aisle entry………. two surprises in one day!!

To not have (and still hold) a first look:
• Perhaps you want to honor the tradition of not seeing each other until the ceremony.
• In most cultures these days the idea of not seeing each other before you are even engaged seems such a long way off…………….doesn’t it!
• Waiting for your aisle entry when you first see each other could perhaps build the emotional impact for one or both of you and those all-important loved ones present.
• For some, staying apart symbolises the start of your new journey as a married couple.
• For some, superstition may come into play due to personal and/or cultural beliefs.
• Perhaps one or both of you want that GRAND and UNIQUE entrance (just think…either one or both of you, floating, sashaying or perhaps dancing down the aisle)
• Raw emotions being captured at your ceremony without prior interaction is important to a lot of you.
• Even thought its your day some family expectations about adhering to the “traditional entry” may come into play.
• Not having a first look maintains the element of surprise for your guests.
• Logistical constraints might make it difficult for you to fit in a first look.
• It’s all about me (wink) ……I (the writer here) am a marriage celebrant and for selfish reasons………. I want to see the reaction on your faces when you see each other for the first time!!!!!
• A first look before your wedding ceremony is not for everyone, just like an aisle entry by one or both parties is not for everyone.

photos: Doxa Visual & Tanya Challice

Fun Fact: Did you know back in the day it was considered back luck for a bride and groom to see one another before the wedding ceremony. Apparently, this was an attempt to keep the groom from backing out of the wedding when he first saw his unidentified bride.
Whichever way you choose to go an emotional reaction will occur, it just means you may have your reaction in private or in full view of everyone! In the end, the decision around a “first look” is entirely a personal choice. Either way the choice you make has its own unique and significant charm. Whether you choose to share an intimate moment in private or save that emotional reveal for the ceremony, remember that it’s YOUR love story…….. Your day! Your way!

photos: Sophie Sullivan