Have your cake

Love at First Bite

Wedding cakes are a big deal at weddings, and there are so many awesome options to choose from these days. Of course, the classic tiered cake is still a hit, but couples are getting more creative and going for unique styles to make their special day even more special. Let’s dive into some cool wedding cake ideas, including the unconventional ones like donuts!

Traditional Tiered Cakes

Tiered cakes have been around forever and are still super popular. You’ve probably seen them—the ones with multiple layers stacked on top of each other, all fancy-looking with beautiful decorations like piping, fondant, or fresh flowers. They’re timeless and classy, and you can customize them to match your wedding theme or colors.

One Tier Cake

One-tier cakes are a delightful choice for those seeking understated elegance and simplicity. These cakes, typically consisting of a single layer, offer a charming and intimate aesthetic that is perfect for various occasions. Whether it’s a small gathering, an intimate celebration, or a minimalist wedding, one-tier cakes provide a touch of elegance without overwhelming the event. One of the advantages of these cakes is their versatility—they can be made taller to accommodate more servings while still maintaining their refined appearance. With their clean lines and minimalist design, one-tier cakes allow the focus to be on the quality of flavors and the beauty of minimalistic decorations. Whether adorned with a single flower or a simple buttercream finish, these cakes offer a tasteful and sophisticated option for those who appreciate the beauty of understatement.

Lambeth Cakes

Lambeth cakes, known for their intricate “over piping” technique, have gained popularity in weddings in 2022 and 2023. Originating from the Lambeth area of London, these cakes feature highly detailed and ornate designs created by building up layers of piped royal icing. With delicate lacework, scrolls, and piped flowers, Lambeth cakes add an elegant and romantic touch to wedding celebrations. Couples seeking a visually stunning centerpiece often choose these cakes for their timeless beauty and the skillful craftsmanship involved. Booking a skilled cake decorator well in advance is recommended to ensure a customized Lambeth cake that complements the wedding theme and creates a memorable impression.

Naked Cakes

Now, here’s a trend that has a lot of staying power: naked cakes.  Don’t worry, they’re not X-rated! These cakes are called “naked” because they skip the usual thick layer of frosting. Instead, the layers of cake are exposed, giving them a rustic and natural vibe. They’re often decorated with fresh fruit or flowers. Simple and oh-so-charming!

Cupcake Towers

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Cupcake towers are a fantastic alternative to traditional cakes. You can have a display of individual cupcakes arranged in tiers, like a mini cake tower. It’s a great way to offer your guests a variety of flavors and designs. Plus, you can get creative with different toppings, fillings, and frostings, making them a real crowd-pleaser.

Dessert Buffets

Why settle for just one cake when you can have a whole buffet of desserts? Dessert buffets are a major hit these days. Picture this: a table filled with macarons, cake pops, cookies, pies, tarts—the works! Your guests will love having a variety of sweet treats to choose from. It’s like a dessert wonderland where everyone can find something they adore.

Donut Towers and Boards

Now, this is a seriously fun and unique idea—donut towers! Instead of a traditional cake, go for a tower stacked high with mouthwatering donuts. Glazed, frosted, filled—you name it! Arrange them in a cool pyramid shape or go for a tiered tower. Donut towers are a playful and delicious way to make your wedding celebration extra special plus we have a bounty of Tasmanian producers making these delicious, mouthwatering morsels.

Cake Alternatives

For those of you who want to break away from the cake tradition entirely, there are plenty of awesome alternatives. Think pies, cheesecakes, ice cream sundaes, crepes—you name it! You can choose a dessert that holds a special meaning for you or something you both love. It’s all about adding that personal touch and making your day uniquely yours.

So, whether you go for a classic tiered cake, a creative cupcake tower, or something totally out-of-the-box like a donut tower, the goal is to make your wedding dessert a sweet and memorable experience for everyone. Get creative, have fun, and indulge in something delicious!